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the soca valley - mountain biking guide


The Soča Valley - Mountain biking guide

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The Soča Valley - Mountain biking guide

Knjiga The Soča Valley, je gorsko kolesarski vodnik v angleškem jeziku. 

Avtor knjige Leon Leban pravi: 

“During numerous trips to well-known mountain-biking centres in Europe I became convinced that the Soča Valley provides in one relatively small area everything that many other mountain-biking destinations offer if taken all together: a plentiful selection of varied tours, diverse terrain with favourable weather conditions, a unique position between the Alps and the sea, panoramic mountains, unspoilt nature and a rich cultural and natural heritage.

This guide embraces the entire region of this exceptionally rich, picturesque and fascinating valley and rounds up most of the mountain-biking possibilities in the area extending from the Julian Alps to the end of the valley in the lower reaches of the River Soča.” Leon Leban


  • 12,5 x 21 cm
  • 236 pages
  • Soft cover binding
  • altitude diagrams and maps


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